About Adventures Alcove

Embark on a captivating journey with Adventures Alcove, a podcast born from a shared passion for Dungeons and Dragons. Launched in 2023, our project is a labor of love, crafted by a diverse team hailing from across the U.S. Each member brings a unique perspective, enhancing our gaming experience with a rich tapestry of ideas and styles. This long-cherished dream of creating a D&D podcast has now become a reality, as we invest our hearts and souls into making each episode truly special. Our show isn't just another D&D podcast; it's an adventurous blend of fun, creativity, and our own homebrew twist. This ensures that every episode is not only interesting but also uniquely ours. Join us at Adventures Alcove, where imagination meets the excitement of the game, and where every listener becomes part of our extended D&D family. Tune in for a journey filled with laughter, creativity, and the unexpected – your adventure awaits!

The Crew:

Executive Producer

Member 1

Dominic Ciasca

I am Dominic Ciasca, a hollywood producer known for my work in both scripted and non-scripted television. My dream is to tell stories that captivate and thrill, brought to life with passion and artistry in every frame.

Executive Producer

Member 2

William J. Kern

William J. Kern, Citizen of the World, Aspiring Filmmaker, with a wild imagination and a love for storytelling, I am just a fan of good stories and want to have fun.

Host & Associate Producer

Member 3

Jacob Castellon

I am Jacob Castellon, a nerdy voice actor, nerdy husband, nerdy father, and veteran.

The Cast:

Cast Member

Member 4

George Brandlin

Family man by day and nerd by night, George is here to drink juice and roll dice, and he’s fresh out of Tropicana

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Cast Member

Member 5

Kasidy Kumar

Just your friendly neighborhood voice actor here. You can find me in the studio or in the woods with my dogs.

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Cast Member

Member 6

Deepu Kumar

The goofiest tough looking guy you'll meet! Dj, voice actor, and anime enthusiast!

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Cast Member

Member 7

Catherine Jordan

Hi my name is Catherine Jordan, I'm a voice magician with a cat sidekick and scrapbooks of mystery.

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Cast Member

Member 8

Brandon Roberts

Genius, playboy, millionaire, philanthropist. Except not really, I’m just a guy who says words for a living and plays video games.

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Our Mission

Adventures Alcove is dedicated to weaving a diverse tapestry of stories in the realm of Dungeons and Dragons, bringing together unique cultural perspectives from across the U.S. Launched in 2023, our podcast is a vibrant mix of creativity, homebrew elements, and inclusive storytelling, making each episode a distinctive adventure. Our mission is to foster a community where every listener becomes an integral part of our DnD family, embarking on journeys filled with laughter, imagination, and unexpected twists. Join us in celebrating the magic of DnD, where every episode is an invitation to explore the boundless realms of fantasy.